How to Reverse a Video on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


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In the age of social media and digital creativity, creating unique and engaging content is a priority for many iPhone users. One fascinating technique that can add a fun twist to your videos is reversing them. Whether you want to create a dramatic effect or simply add a bit of fun to your video, reversing it can be done easily with the right tools and knowledge. This article will guide you through the steps on how to reverse a video on your iPhone using various methods and apps.

Why Reverse a Video?

Reversing a video can produce interesting and entertaining results. It can:

  • Create a unique perspective.
  • Add a comedic effect.
  • Make certain actions appear magical or surreal.
  • Enhance storytelling by showing events in reverse.

Built-in Tools vs. Third-Party Apps

While the iPhone’s built-in editing tools are robust, they do not include a direct option for reversing video. Therefore, you will need to use third-party apps to achieve this effect. Let’s explore some of the most popular apps and methods available.

Using iMovie to Reverse a Video on iPhone

iMovie is a powerful video editing app available for free on iPhones. However, it doesn’t have a direct reverse feature, but you can still achieve this effect through a workaround:

  1. Download and Install iMovie:
  • Open the App Store, search for iMovie, and download it.
  1. Duplicate Your Video:
  • To ensure you have the original, create a duplicate of the video you want to reverse.
  1. Split and Export Clips:
  • Open iMovie and import your video.
  • Split the video into short clips (around 1-2 seconds each).
  • Export each clip separately.
  1. Reverse Each Clip:
  • Use a third-party app like “Reverse Vid” or “Video Reverse” to reverse each clip.
  • Save the reversed clips to your camera roll.
  1. Reassemble in iMovie:
  • Import the reversed clips back into iMovie.
  • Arrange them in the original order to create a seamless reversed video.
  • Export the final video.

Using Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps are specifically designed to reverse videos easily. Here are a few popular ones:

Reverse Vid


  1. Download Reverse Vid:
  • Available on the App Store, download and install Reverse Vid.
  1. Import Your Video:
  • Open the app and import the video you want to reverse.
  1. Reverse and Export:
  • Use the app’s interface to reverse the video.
  • Save the reversed video to your camera roll.

Video Reverse


  1. Download Video Reverse:
  • Find and install Video Reverse from the App Store.
  1. Select Your Video:
  • Open the app and select the video you wish to reverse.
  1. Apply Reverse Effect:
  • Use the app’s tools to reverse the video.
  • Save the reversed video to your camera roll.

Using Online Tools

If you prefer not to download additional apps, online tools can also reverse your videos. Here’s how:

  1. Find an Online Video Reverser:
  • Websites like Clideo, Kapwing, or EZGIF offer video reversing services.
  1. Upload Your Video:
  • Go to the website and upload the video from your iPhone.
  1. Reverse and Download:
  • Use the online tool to reverse the video.
  • Download the reversed video back to your iPhone.

Tips for Creating Perfect Reversed Videos

  • Plan Your Shots:
  • Think ahead about how the reversed video will look and plan your shots accordingly.
  • Keep it Short:
  • Shorter videos are easier to reverse and usually more engaging.
  • Experiment with Effects:
  • Combine the reverse effect with other editing tools for a more dynamic video.
  • Check Sound:
  • Reversing audio can sound strange. Consider muting it or adding a new soundtrack.


Reversing a video on your iPhone is a straightforward process with the right tools and apps. Whether you use a third-party app like Reverse Vid or Video Reverse, or prefer an online tool, creating a reversed video can add a fun and unique element to your content. Follow this guide to transform your videos and impress your audience with creative, backward footage.


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