Black Tech Innovators: Pioneering Change in Technology


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In the dynamic world of technology, Black tech innovators have significantly contributed to advancements and diversity in the industry. These trailblazers have paved the way for future generations, breaking barriers and creating impactful innovations. This article highlights some of the key figures and their contributions to the tech landscape.

1. Mark Dean

Mark Dean is a name synonymous with groundbreaking innovations in computing. As one of the lead engineers at IBM, Dean co-invented the IBM personal computer and the ISA bus, which is crucial for modern computing. His work laid the foundation for the development of PCs, making technology more accessible to the masses. Dean holds three of IBM’s original nine patents and has over 20 patents overall, marking his profound influence on the tech industry.

2. Lisa Gelobter

Lisa Gelobter’s work has left an indelible mark on the internet as we know it today. She was pivotal in developing Shockwave, a technology that enabled multimedia on the web, and also contributed to the creation of animated GIFs. Gelobter’s innovations have shaped the way we experience online content, making the internet more dynamic and engaging. She later served as the Chief Digital Service Officer for the U.S. Department of Education, where she worked on improving digital services for the public sector.

3. Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant is the founder of Black Girls Code, an organization dedicated to teaching young Black girls to code and become leaders in technology. Bryant’s vision was to create an inclusive environment where girls of color could see themselves represented in tech and be encouraged to pursue careers in STEM fields. Black Girls Code has since empowered thousands of girls, providing them with the skills and confidence to excel in technology.

4. Jerry Lawson

Jerry Lawson’s contributions to the gaming industry are monumental. He led the development of the first cartridge-based video game console, the Fairchild Channel F. This innovation revolutionized the gaming industry, allowing gamers to switch between different games using cartridges. Lawson’s work laid the groundwork for future gaming systems, influencing how games are developed and played today.

5. Marian Croak

Marian Croak is a pioneer in the field of internet technology, known for her work in developing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology enables voice communication over the internet, which is the foundation for services like Skype and Zoom. Croak holds over 200 patents and continues to innovate in the field, contributing to advancements in both technology and public safety.

6. Angel Rich

Angel Rich, often dubbed the “Next Steve Jobs,” is the founder of The Wealth Factory, a fintech company focused on improving financial literacy. Her app, CreditStacker, is a financial literacy game that helps users understand credit management, debt reduction, and wealth building. Rich’s work is making financial education accessible and engaging, particularly for underserved communities.

7. Dr. Philip Emeagwali

Often referred to as the “Bill Gates of Africa,” Dr. Philip Emeagwali’s work in high-performance computing has been transformative. He developed a formula that allowed computers to perform multiple tasks at once, significantly increasing their processing speed. Emeagwali’s contributions have been foundational in the development of supercomputers, which are used for complex computations in various fields including meteorology, medicine, and space exploration.


The contributions of Black tech innovators are vast and varied, spanning multiple fields and making lasting impacts on technology and society. Their work not only advances the tech industry but also inspires future generations of innovators. By celebrating these achievements, we acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving technological progress. The legacy of these pioneers continues to shape the future of technology, proving that innovation knows no bounds.


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